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Police Dog Back On Duty After Two-Story Fall

Police Dog Back On Duty After Two-Story Fall

CALIFORNIA – Jaris, a 6½-year-old Belgian Malinois police dog was thrown out of a second-story window during an altercation upon a suspect in early April. Now, just a few weeks later, Jaris is back on duty to healing agent search for explosives.

Parolee Bryan Bills, 28, was uncooperative with officers, refusing to surrender at a home he had been warned opposed to entering. Officers sent in police dog Jaris to restrain the suspect. When Jaris lunged towards Bills, the man old the dog’s momentum to throw him out of the second-story window, according to police records.

Jaris fell to the concrete on earth head first. He was disoriented, bleeding from the nose, and staggering. He was meditative to an emergency veterinarian in a police almadia for treatment for head trauma.

Allegedly, Bills continued to strive for officers before he was subdued. He was arrested on sign of parole violations, resisting arrest, and causing intentional injury to a police dog.

Thankfully, Jaris seems to have successful a full recovery and is by turns making up for lost time. He is teasing his latest job seriously and manipulation diligently in a bomb finding out team.

Jaris and his handler, Officer Steve Bechtold, worked during the Long Beach Grand Prix on Saturday and the Run Through Redlands on April 21st.

Bomb-sniffing dogs played an important role for mates events, as law enforcement officials have concerns that the Boston Marathon bombings could inspire copycat attacks.
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